Facilitate chair-side treatment planning. Increase case acceptance. Designed for the OMS.

At PBHS, we started with the premise that a digital assistant should work the way you do, not the way others think you should work.

iConsultOMS® for iPad

So, we went ahead and developed iConsultOMS®.

The most powerful, most portable, most versatile digital assistant not-very-much money could buy.

iConsultOMS® streamlines patient consults and visits by enabling you to:

  • Record a consult.
  • Review a health history.
  • Explain treatment options with powerful 3D models.
  • Sketch a diagram.
  • Illustrate a procedure.
  • Review a radiograph.
  • Manage patient expectations.
  • Digitally sign informed consents.
  • Document patient encounters.
  • Complete progress notes.
  • Submit routing slips.
  • Deliver an amazing personalized patient presentation.
  • Export patient records to your practice software.

If it seems extraordinarily simple

It’s probably because conventional systems are extraordinarily complicated.

iConsultOMS®, the first iPad OMS digital assistant you can actually use without ever taking the cellophane off the instruction manual.